Empowering Students and Colleagues alike, thorough Bespoke Outdoor Learning & Development Programmes

Bespoke Outdoor Learning & Development Programmes

Do you wish to develop a team or a group of individuals through team-work, communination, leadership and motivation. Have you decided to get your students or colleagues out of the classroom or office and into the natural environment.

Great! Whatever outdoor learning and development programme you have in mind, Essential Teaching Solutions Ltd has got everything to create a Bespoke Outdoor Learning and Development Programme that is engaging, developmental, worthwhile and fun!

Schools Programmes

Essential Teaching UK Outdoors can offer programmes and services, that are designed to specifically support your requirements from: KS2, KS3 & KS4 students on their academic and personal development journey into adulthood including:

  • Team Development
  • Communication Development
  • Motivation and Commitment Programmes
  • Leadership Programmes
  • Employability skills development programmes
  • Personal & Social skills development
  • Curriculum Enrichment experiences
  • Outdoor skills training
  • Induction days for year groups

Learning outcomes

Working with us, you will specify the learning outcomes you wish your group to achieve during their visit. These could include:

  • involvement
  • setting goals
  • development
  • self awareness
  • confidence
  • coordination
  • motivation
  • communication
  • leadership

Corporate Programmes

For corporate, Outdoor Learning & Development Programmes they can support leadership and management programmes from team building to embedding a new company ethos. In partnership with Portsmouth Watersport Centre we can offer some excitng outdoor programmes:

Corporate Fun activity day: 6-90 Active Learners

A fun day out of the office, a relaxed day full of activities for your team to come and enjoy. The PWC staff will make sure that you will have a easy and relaxed day to enjoy.

A choice of 4 activities throughout the day chosen from the following - Climbing and High ropes, Initiative Games, Orienteering, Improvised Kart Building, Raft Building, Stand-Up Paddle Boarding, Kayaking, Canoeing, Rafted Canoeing or Windsurfing.

Team development day: 6-90 Active Learners

This day is designed to bring the best out of your team. The activities are purely built around teamwork, motivation and will need leadership skills. If you are wanting to develop your management or just general team ethos, this is the right day out of the office. The first part of the day we will look at the proven methods and theory from leaders gone by and discuss how these areas can be adapted into your daily working routine. A proven favorite by Coca-Cola, Fat Face and Magma Structures.

Activities available to choose from include - Raft building, Climbing and High Ropes, Giant Stand-Up Paddle Board or Canoe/Kayak Client Lead Expedition.

Team Survival Day: 6-18 Active Learners

The group will meet at the centre and will be briefed on the day's task. The group will be allocated Canoes and Basic Equipment and will be briefed on navigation and using a chart and compass followed by get a short lesson in Canoe Skills. You will then be given a check point to get to navigate to, once at the checkpoint you will have to cook your own basic food by lighting a fire guided by our bushcraft experts.

On completion of this you will then be given a second check point, once you arrive there you will need to navigate your way back to PWC on foot using a map and compass. When you reach the Centre you will be greeted with a glass of something nice and given a motivational speech by a Guest Speaker.

Designing your bespoke programme

We design a bespoke learning and development programme with you for your students or staff depending upon the learning outcomes, particular requirements you may have, and what you want to achieve during your time.


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