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Continuous Professional Learning & Development

Driving Continuous Learning & Development outcomes within your education environment so you can lead and manage a sustainable workforce.

Established in 2015, we are a small, effective and efficient Education and Training Consultancy and we focus on school improvement. We work with school leaders, governors and educational trusts so that they can lead and manage sustainable development.

There is absolutely nothing more crucial to the success of your school or academy than how your teachers help students learn. Learning is the vehicle by which your school gains a competitive edge, attracts and retains the best teaching talent, and your school leaders grow to successfully lead your learning environment through opportunities and challenges.

Essential Teaching UK Ltd has established Learning & Development Programmes which provide progressive, professional development for school leaders, teachers and school support staff. We focus on the facilitation of Teaching and Learning Practice, Coaching for Education and Coaching for School Leadership, engaging with the whole school for the effective support of teachers and learners, and the sharing of best practice pedagogy.

As a result, our programmes have become a critical talent management tool, helping school leaders and teachers build their talent pipeline.

This service is delivered by strong pedagogic leaders with the drive and focus on learning outcomes within any educational environment.

CPLD Session examples:

  • Classroom Management
  • Communication Barriers
  • Managing behaviour to maximise learning
  • Improving attendance and punctuality through active learning
  • Organising Learning (Playful Learning).
  • Active/engaging learning activities (Pedagogy of Play)
  • Stretch and Challenge in Practice
  • Coaching for Education
  • Feedback Models in the Classroom
  • Assessment Methods
  • Reflective Practice & Sharing Best Pedagogy

We offer:

  • A strong team of specialist staff
  • Inspirational presenters and communicators
  • Forward thinking with a good understanding of modern learning
  • A tenacious, creative and relentless approach to developing others
  • Experience as leaders within the education sector
  • Positive, inspirational, patient, flexible and innovative team

By serving as a true learning partner to your school, academy or college, we can help your school leaders achieve both current and future strategic goals. If you have a specific CPLD in mind, we'll assist you to design and deliver that solution driving real and sustainable results.


If you have any queries or wish to make an appointment for a free initial discussion please contact us via our contact page or by using the form below.