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About Us

Established in 2015, we are a small Education & Training Consultancy, with a focus on sustainable learning development. We work with organisations, schools, educational trusts and within the corporate arena.

Essential Teaching UK Ltd is a recognised education and training organisation delivering high quality training throughout the UK. Initially our reputation was built on delivering teacher training courses and more recently by providing educational resources for the classroom.

Essential Teaching UK is a vibrant and professional learning environment that gives learners the education and training skills, depth of understanding and personal strengths they need to be successful in teaching or business. Our aim is to inspire the next generation of Teachers, Trainers, Assessors or Coaches through outstanding training. From the moment, the Learning Community enters our programmes they should feel that they are working in a engaging environment and that they have taken a major step towards their forthcoming goals

Our aims are:

To be aspirational: life changing and transformational for the Learning Community; stretching and stimulating for teachers, learners and partnering businesses.

To be inspirational: enthusing the next generation of teachers & learners through outstanding training.

To harness innovative: harnessing best practice from teaching and training, embedding professionalism and confidence.

To prioritise inclusion: welcoming learners of all abilities, serving the whole of the Community and meeting the needs of their future schools and businesses.

To stay relevant: using real world examples, active mentors, and education and training experts to build the skills and attributes teachers need and businesses value.

To value challenges: continuously improving everything and setting challenging targets for learners and partners. For learners and partners alike, these aims are reflected in core values that will run through policies, culture and training models.

We believe that, by partnering with you, we can provide the most suitable and cost effective solutions to your consultancy requirements. Essential Teaching UK can be trusted to take care of substantial education and training programmes. We have a wealth of experience and knowledge in creating personalised programmes to suit any size and type of school or business.